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PEP-Uganda: Photos

Here are some of the wonderful photos from PEP-Uganda: 

Highlights from PEP-Uganda 2016.

PEP at Luzira Prison 2015

Highlights from PEP-Uganda 2015.

Historic CRC Uganda Visit, 2015
(Warden Cynthia Tampkins of the California Rehabilitation Center in Norco and her staff visit the Luzira Prison in Uganda.) 
PEP at Luzira Prison 2014

Highlights from PEP-Uganda at Luzira Prison 2014. 

Sure Prospects School

The PEP Team visits the Sure Prospects School in Kampala.  


PEP-Uganda Soccer

The PEP Team plays soccer with prison inmates at Luzira Prison. 


PEP at Luzira Prison 2013

PEP-Uganda volunteers at Luzira Prison, 2013. 



Check out some of the incredible videos that PEP-Uganda volunteers have gathered through their experience.

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